How It Works

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Assessing Quality
As you are talking to your coworkers in a video conferencing call, watching your favorite esports player crush the competition, or viewing any other form of live video, our algorithms will assess the overall quality of your live stream. You can think of it as having a tiny operator in your computer, watching video frames and listening to audio intently, and notifying his superiors when things just don’t quite look right.

Diagnosis to Correction
After quality ratings are calculated, they can be sent back to the live streaming platform being used. Once a quality issue becomes known, the platform can try to correct it, resulting in a much more enjoyable and immersive experience.

Perception-Based Quality Metric
Accurately determining video and audio quality is not a simple task. Previous attempts have been made to produce systems where a video can be inputted and a quality rating can be spit out. While these systems have helped spur countless advancements in video and audio technology, few mimic how humans see, hear, and perceive audio-visual quality, meaning two videos that look very similar in quality may have vastly different quality ratings.

How You Can Help
Our current focus is to understand how people perceive audio quality while participating in and viewing a live stream. This involves gathering many ratings on a vast library of audio samples from people who use live streaming everyday. All you need is a pair of ears. If you would like to contribute to our data gathering efforts, check out our survey which should take no longer than 5 minutes of your time.